Our partnerships and cooperations are based on the trust that our customers show towards us due to the quality of our products and services,

a fact that places us among the leaders of the local and international markets. We study, manufacture and complete hundreds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems every year oriented to a wide range of companies. We in TAIRIS Group are proud to create long-term cooperations and be able to present unique solutions to each customer.


Sample of our work and products

PAGEORGIOU FOOD SERVICE (PFS) is the biggest exporter of Greek gyros and similar meat products of Greece and we our partner since their first steps in the 90s. TAIRIS AEVE and EPSI SA have manufactured and installed, in cooperation with various contractors and technicians, refrigeration systems with a total motor power that exceeds 4000hp. The 5 existing process and meat storage buildings of PFS have been completed in a total of 4 expansion waves. Applications covered: Static and spiral deep freezers, storage of frozen meat, logistics of frozen meat, storage of fresh meat, air conditioning of process rooms.
FRIGO STAHL – Industrial installation contractors
FRIGOSTAHL is probably the largest industrial refrigeration building contractor in the Balkan area. Ammonia is the main refrigerant of their business with fluorinated refrigerants plain a secondary but not negligible role. TAIRIS AEVE and EPSI SA are two of their major suppliers for ammonia systems and fluorinated refrigerant machines. Our cooperation with FRIGOSTAHL includes among other things, the constant supply of ammonia valves and automation systems as well as fluorinated refrigerant condensing units, compressor racks, water chillers and air handling units.
The well known producer of bread products KARAMOLEGOS SA as well as their subsidiary APOLLONION AVEE patisserie are our partners for the last 30 years. Many of the cooling systems of both companies for the production and storage of bread products have been produced and installed by TAIRIS AEVE and EPSI SA in cooperation with various technicians. Among the various systems are refrigeration units for the shock freezing of dough, storage units for low and medium temperatures, process chillers and air handling units for the production areas as well as various components like air-coolers, condensers and valves for the complete installations.