For us excellence means to always be better

For this reason, our company implements an integrated quality management system according to the standards of the international ISO 9001 standard, creating ever more efficient ways to manage our day-to-day operations and processes, as well as our services. Consequently, audits and inspections are carried out by suitably trained staff ensuring high levels of quality and service.

We aim at the continuous modernization of our facilities, the constant improvement of the design and production of our products, ensuring perfect and reliable constructions. We implement traceability systems and offer genuine spare parts from top European manufacturers directly, without waiting for delivery.





Our company’s development policy is based on continuous training and briefing of both our staff and our customers, as well as the promotion of innovation in every application. As global growth over the last few years has burdened the environment, we feel ethically enforced to cultivate environmental consciousness at all levels of our operations.

We are striving for the better protection of the environment through applications that save energy, do not pollute the environment and run as long as possible the life cycle for a better tomorrow.

In cooperation with our suppliers we organize seminars in both Greece and abroad for our associates aiming at their technical training and education. The objective is to inform them about new technologies, improved applications, saving energy techniques and improve the relationship between environment and equipment in order to promote increased ecological awareness.

Awards and mentions in the international press

2022: We were ranked 1378 out of 2000 companies.


2023: We were ranked 1151 out of 2000 companies.