Our story

TAIRIS AEVE started its course

with two ambitious technicians, Dimitris Maniadis and Nikos Tairis, and managed to become a leader in the field of cooling and air conditioning in the Greek market. In 1978 the founders of the company open their first store based in Piraeus. The main focus of the company is sales and repairs of refrigeration equipment and systems. The following decade marks some of the most important collaborations that continue to this day. In 1981 with Bitzer, 1982 with Küba, and only a year later signed an exclusive cooperation agreement to represent Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. In 1989 there was another important collaboration with Danfoss.

In 1990, for the first time

systematization of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems began with a steady ascendant course, evolving the mechanical installations and the production line. In 2005 the new building is completed in Mandra, Attica. The new production and storage areas are over 3000 m² of coverage. By the end of the decade, TAIRIS had emerged as the leading partner in EMEA and is awarded by Danfoss with the “Highest Turnover” award. In 2007 the company celebrates 25 years of cooperation with GEA Küba and their longest co-operation in the world.

In 2010 and until today

the third generation has taken over management. Dimitris Tairis and Zoi Tairi, combining a strong technological background and a business way of thinking, have the strategic goal of expanding the company’s business activities and collaborating with new groups of companies. By implementing this vision, they are able to expand directly into the heating and automation sectors, as well as to achieve new partnerships with manufacturers such as KELVION. In 2017 TAIRIS AEVE is awarded twice, for the second time by Bitzer for top performance in the development, promotion and support of a new product, and also by Danfoss for its outstanding turnover in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.