A new group of Companies, a new beginning, a new vision in Heat transfer!

Dear customers, partners and colleagues,

TAIRIS AEVE, the Greek market leader in refrigeration systems manufacturing and one of biggest wholesalers of refrigeration equipment in the Balkans, has acquired the high majority of EPSI SA shares, becoming effectively the biggest manufacturing entity of HVACR equipment in Greece.

The acquisition process that started in the beginning of 2019, was completed in December 2019 with great success and satisfaction from both parties.

EPSI SA has been a well-known manufacturer of quality HVAC systems since the early 1980’s, with exports all over Southern Europe, Middle East, North and Middle Africa.

The Managing Director of EPSI SA, Emmanuel Michael is extremely pleased to be a part of this new team and has described the acquisition as “The biggest acquisition of the century in the sector of HVACR in Greece. Now we can offer so much more to the development of the market”.

“TAIRIS and EPSI have joined forces to create something bigger than the sum of the individual parts. We now have the joined strength and combined know-how to expand our field of expertise well beyond the limits of simple refrigeration and A/C systems, to encompass the whole sectors of climate control, heat transfer and heat management”, says Dimitris Tairis, Vice President and Managing Director of TAIRIS AEVE.

The combined power of both companies amounts to more than 3.200m2 of production facilities, 2.500m2 of logistics warehouse space and more than 1.000m2 of office areas, while the human capital amounts to more than 30 employees.